I am happy to provide the information you need to help you select the right DJ services for your event. Here are answers to some of the most common questions I receive:

What types of events are your specialty?

I am an all round DJ but a true wedding specialist, experienced with all types of wedding celebrations and protocols. The other types of events I do include high-end corporate functions, which typically require a similarly elegant approach and attention to detail. I also book children’s parties, bars, nightclubs, or school events.

How would you define your “style” or approach to providing DJ entertainment?

While many DJs think it's their job to pull people to the dance floor, I choose to do the magic music to get everyone dancing. Your dance floor will be packed, but it will be because I selected just the right songs from your request list and mixed them in just the right sequence – not because I chattered endlessly on the microphone.

I don’t want the music at my wedding to be traditional wedding music. Can you do that?

Of course! We’re not at all attached to tradition – we’re here to incorporate the music you request, and to mix it in a way that will create the kind of wedding you’ve envisioned.

Other Party Services

Do you use party props?

No. I do not dress in any type of costume or distribute silly props to the crowd. I also don’t harass your guests into joining us on the dance floor, nor do I teach them how to line dance.

Do you offer additional services, such as ceremony musicians, lighting and photobooths?

If live ceremony musicians are your preference, I am glad to refer you to the area’s most talented and reputable strings ensembles, guitarists, harpists and more. I also offer lighting equipment as a separate bill and it usually depends on the kind of event you are hosting.

Will our DJ act as an Emcee during our event?

Yes! If you do not have an Emcee lined up for you event, I can act as an Emcee, make all announcements and make sure that the night keeps on track according to your time line.

Music Selection & Mixing

How involved are you in helping us to plan our music?

Just as you pay a caterer for their expertise in food, you are paying me in large part for my expertise in music. I am more than willing to provide you with a multitude of suggestions based on your preferences, and I am perfectly comfortable selecting most (or all) of the music if you aren’t interested in doing so. My extensive knowledge of music enables me to work with your requests and create a mood that reflects your tastes while creating a great atmosphere for all of your guests. In addition, I also specialize in addressing music “challenges,” whether combining multicultural musical styles or adapting unique or eclectic music tastes to the formality of a wedding.

How involved can we be in selecting music for our event?

I encourage you to be as involved as you would like to be! Most of my clients place great value on music and probably have very distinct ideas about what they want to hear. If you would like to select every song, we are happy to accommodate you. The majority of the couples, however, prefer to discuss with me, in depth, their preferences and at least a few specific requests. I pride in listening to my clients and respecting their input and wishes, while providing additional suggestions and guidance when appropriate. Rest assured, you will never hear songs you have asked not to be played, or genres you’ve told me you don’t like.

What kinds of music are included in your collection?

I own an enormous library of music in all formats, including international music. I update my collection constantly, ensuring that I am able to provide the songs that my clients and their guests are currently enjoying. Furthermore, I work closely with my clients in selecting the music for their event, and will gladly acquire any commercially available song that I don’t already own, at no additional cost. Because of this, I can virtually guarantee that I will be able to accommodate any request.

Booking & Working With DJ Paddy

How do I book you for my event?

Once you’ve submitted the contact form on our website, I will send you a few easy questions to answer via email or call. These will enable me to learn more about your event and your preferences. Once this is done, we can plan to schedule a physical or virtual meeting to discuss the aspects of the contract and your needs for the event and any questions you might have. Once we have agreed, simply sign the online contract and pay a 50% non-refundable reservation fee via an online payment form. You’ll get a signed copy of your contract and a receipt for your payment immediately, and you’ll be all set!

How much do you charge?

I create a custom quote for each event, and we’ll send you a complete and accurate price quote in our first email to you based on the date, time, and location of your event.

What is included in the price for my event?

I have a standard package that includes 4-6 hours of performance time (additional time is available at a prorated hourly cost), setup time, breakdown time, and ALL equipment. If you do not need a standard package for your event, a custom quote is necessary to ensure your event’s equipment and staffing needs are met. My flat-rate pricing is refreshingly easy to understand — there are no hidden charges, and all fees are clearly stated in your agreement with my company.